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A Tip on Tips

Success as a Tipped Employee My life has never been “normal.” When I supported myself and my family with tips working as a server and bartender for decades this was made clear often. I had regulars at a prime steakhouse here in Chicago who would spend frivolously and...

Getting the Message on Dining during COVID-19

Things to consider when you re-open your dining rooms Nothing brings people together more than food. The act of dining together goes back to the dawn of humankind and has continued through every culture across the world. What goes hand-in-hand with these gatherings...

5 Apps for Shift Working Industries That Can Better Your Work Life

There are all sorts of apps that are geared to different industries. Here are the essential ones Even though a clear shift work schedule planner is essential for companies in numerous industries, there are other aspects that come into play, such as communicating with...

5 Tips to Make Your Grocery Store Trip Better During COVID-19

Health is a priority, but so are other things. Grocery store trips have never been more stressful than now. With COVID-19 there are many factors to a grocery store trip which we must consider in order to be thorough, clear, and safe; something we did not have to do...
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