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5 Tips for More Effective Workforce Management

Improve operations with our workforce management whitepaper Whether you’re looking to optimize & enhance your ongoing workforce management efforts or rebuild as a result of the pandemic, having a clear vision of your current & anticipated staffing needs &...

What ShedWool 2.0 Means For Shift Workers and Founder, Cory Warfield

A re-designed shift worker app, coming to you soon. A common saying in the entrepreneurial community is “entrepreneurs are the only people crazy enough to work 100 hours a week, so they don’t have to work 40!” Although there is some truth to this (I did work 100 hours...

Getting Started with Smart Scheduling Software

Why Smart Shift Scheduling Makes Sense Many large businesses (and some smaller businesses) view scheduling as daunting, another checklist item on their ever-growing list of things to do. They are right to an extent. But tackling employee scheduling does not have to be...

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