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Easy To Use Apps For Stress & Anxiety
Easy To Use Apps For Stress & Anxiety - Be App-y

In the wake of the global pandemic, people everywhere are working through tough experiences and the emotions which arose from those experiences.

The loss of ‘control’ to certain aspects of life has increased stress and anxiety for many. The emotions of stress and anxiety are close to, if not the top, currently felt and not everyone has the time, energy, or space to dedicate to an in-depth self-care routine. An important key to destressing is mindfulness exercises. A mindfulness routine does not take much, but it does take a bit of dedication to the process. Give yourself one to 30 minutes a day, or at the least one full minute when stress and anxiety hit you. Take just 60 seconds to work through a mindfulness exercise which will help bring you back to a place of calm and increased clarity.

Our team has looked for easy to use apps you may enjoy, to help you build this routine.

Free Apps:

  1. Insight Timer – Meditation App
    Easily search for music, guided mediations, or mindfulness courses. Choose based on length, topic, or guide for the mindfulness moment you want.
  2. I Love Hue
    A gentle color journey, this color spectrum-based game offers a tranquil soundtrack as you create harmony within the colored images.
  3. Mind Ease: Anxiety Relief
    Reduce stress and anxiety in under 10 minutes with effective, science-based exercises.

Subscription Apps:

  1. Lumosity Mind – Meditation App
    Discover calm, clarity, and focus with science-driven mindfulness practices. Engage in daily meditations based on your interests to gain attention, relaxation, and focus.
  2. Calm
    Relax deeply with breathing exercise and tranquil sounds and if you have trouble sleeping, fall asleep peacefully with Sleep Stories.
  3. Breethe: Meditation & Sleep
    De-stress and sleep better in only five minutes with help from your personal mindfulness coach. Choose from guided meditations, soothing music, nature sounds, and masterclasses to help you make the most of bringing more happiness and peace of mind to your life.

Do you have a favorite mindfulness app we have not listed? Share it with us!

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