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Podcasts & Webinars for Employee Management Strategies

Voice of The Market

ShedWool’s Voice of the Market is an intimate round-table conversation amongst leading industry professionals across the world. With questions brought to the table, the selected industry panelists give their insight to pain points they have recently experienced & stepping stones to grow from them.

Check back monthly for a brand new Voice of the Market featuring new panelists from another shift worker industry sector.

Episode 1 – Retail Industry 

Narrowing the focus to supermarkets, grocery, & consumer packaged goods (CPG), industry leaders discuss how their best practices were disrupted amid COVID and how supply chain changes have had them working differently.


Videos & Webinars 

Are you looking for tips or insight into taking your scheduling to the next level? From YouTube to our marketing team & amazing hosts across the country, tune in here to learn more about ShedWool, our innovations, & our corporate culture of being helpful to others.

Latest Podcasts

As a former shift worker, Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Cory Warfield enjoys contributing to many top industry podcasts. These podcasts are unscripted & offer insight into the person/tech relationship & will change the way you think about shift worker scheduling.

Cory Warfield - Shedwool

by Jeremy Leonard | Your New Network

Simplifying the Shift Schedule with Cory Warfield Co-Founder of ShedWool

by Dr. Jeremy Weisz | INspired INsider

Keeping It Real with Cory and Louise

by Louise H Reid | The Louise H Reid Show

The Power of Perseverance with Cory Warfield

by Naphtali Hoff | Lead to Succeed 39

Winning at Business and Life with Cory Warfield

by Pete Alexander | Winning at Business and Life Podcast

Love More and Give Without Expectations with Cory Warfield

by Billy Saleebey | Insight Out

From Dishwasher to Tech Success | Cory Warfield

by Hal Donaldson | Screw the Naysayers

Episode #1: Shedwool

by Bob Sager | Out-THINK the Competition

Givers Are The Greatest Getters - Cory Warfield

by John Gora | Onetalk Radio podcast

Rookie To Veteran: Ep 8 Cory Warfield

Rookie To Veteran


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