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Freqeuently Asked Questions

ShedWool Frequently Asked Questions

Hi and thanks for stopping by! We created this space for you to get to know us and answer questions we receive regularly. So, have a read and give us a call or shoot us an email if you feel inspired to start a conversation. We’d love to hear more about your needs and how we can start making your scheduling easier.


Can someone set their own availability?
Absolutely, as long as the admin allows them to; these can be set for an entire day, or can be much more granular and be set for a specific time range.
How can I share company policies and documents?
We have built in a File sharing feature where you can share nearly any type of document you like, and can even share videos of team meetings!
I built a two week schedule, but now have to do it all over in two weeks...
Not at all! We have given you the ability to choose any date range, and then just copy that schedule over to a future range, so once you have a built schedule, it now becomes just a few clicks to maintain it!
Can people communicate through the app?
Yes, they sure can! We have made sure that our solution allows for communication between individuals, whether employees or management; anyone can start a conversation and reply to one. Furthermore we have group chat available if a manager wants to send a message to their entire team, for example!
Can I use the web app and the mobile app to see my schedule and utilize the other features?
Absolutely; we made sure that you can use whatever method and device you prefer!
Are people locked down to one location?
No, they can be assigned to multiple locations so that they can be easily scheduled for where they are needed.
Can a person have more than one position?
Yes! We know that in many companies people often fulfill several positions, so we allow you to assign multiple positions to one person.
Is there a cost for the mobile app?

Absolutely not, and there never will be!



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