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Food Manufacturing – Employee Scheduling Software

Expanding production while maintaining quality & reducing labor costs

Delivering Profits to the Production Line

• Improved operational efficiencies = increased EBITDA

• Enhanced employee loyalty & satisfaction = reduced churn

• Infrastructure optimization across all departments

• Multifaceted, streamlined scheduling process

• Recognize & reward desired behavior for improved morale

• Tools to comply with privacy & labor laws

• Digital audit trails

Communication Transparency

• Embedded enterprise-class communication capability

• Drag & slide features minimize scheduling time

• Dynamic messaging platform

• Post & update schedules with a single click

• Digital library for FAQs, staff training, tutorials, etc.

• Reporting & analytics = better data

• Full software suites run on mobile & PC’s with forward thought to tablets, wearables, & beyond

Formula for Sustainable Cost Savings

• Customized interface reflecting your high-touch brand

• Configures within hours

• Dashboard functions provide report access across all departments & facilities

• In-app approval/denial for requested changes

• A dedicated, flexible, & agile tech team for support

• White labeling requests gladly accommodated

Give your management team more time & a leading edge with ShedWool Smart Scheduling Software.

How much time does your management team lose creating employee schedules, keeping track of time off requests, & then adapting shifts? Not only do they slow down productivity, they increase labor costs.

ShedWool’s Scheduling Templates take the guess work & rework off the table & out of your budget. Gone are the days of building employee schedules by hand. Operational efficiencies tie into your employee scheduling just as much as your machine maintenance protocols. Increase the speed of your scheduling process, optimize the efficiency of your schedules & reduce labor costs with ShedWool.

ShedWool’s Employee Scheduling App gives your management team the ability to approve shift requests from anywhere. Employees will no longer search for posted schedules; they can receive real-time updates right in the ShedWool App.

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