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Getting the Message on Dining during COVID-19
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Things to consider when you re-open your dining rooms

Nothing brings people together more than food. The act of dining together goes back to the dawn of humankind and has continued through every culture across the world. What goes hand-in-hand with these gatherings around food? Conversation. Communication. Whether your favorite gathering place for a good meal and conversation was around your Grandmother’s dining room table, the corner diner, or happy hour with co-workers, our way of life and gathering has been interrupted in a way we could never have fathomed. This leaves customers to question, “How will we dine going forward?” And leaves employees to wonder when their hours might ramp up again.

Now, after months of closures, with the luckiest able to continue takeout and delivery services, restaurants that have not had to close indefinitely are taking steps to re-open their dining rooms to customers while remaining cautious of increased outbreaks. Luckily, much research has been done to ensure the safety of the employer, their employees, and their customers. We recommend this document from the National Restaurant Association be distributed to your entire team as it is important for restaurant owners and managers to increase awareness about COVID-19.

This communication is made simple when utilizing a Smart Scheduling Platform, with a robust, advanced messaging system. You can make certain that your team receives the same information in real-time. Use messages to share items, like the document above, or:

Your employees are your best resource. Help increase sales by utilizing your team messaging to update employees on coming specials so they can relay the message word-of-mouth to their network. Feeling experimental? Send your media graphic and approved copy to employees to use on their social media if they wish. Creating a buzz is easier when your entire team is informed and prepared for the mission at hand, especially when it comes with anything related to food.

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