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Latest Videos 

Are you looking for tips or insight into taking your scheduling to the next level? From YouTube to our marketing team and amazing hosts across the country, tune in here to learn more about ShedWool, our innovations, and our corporate culture of being helpful to others.

Latest Podcasts

As a former shift worker, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Cory Warfield enjoys contributing to many top industry podcasts. These podcasts are unscripted and offer insight into the person/tech relationship and will change the way you think about shift worker scheduling.

Cory Warfield - Shedwool

by Jeremy Leonard | Your New Network

Simplifying the Shift Schedule with Cory Warfield Co-Founder of ShedWool

by Dr. Jeremy Weisz | INspired INsider

Keeping It Real with Cory and Louise

by Louise H Reid | The Louise H Reid Show

The Power of Perseverance with Cory Warfield

by Naphtali Hoff | Lead to Succeed 39

Winning at Business and Life with Cory Warfield

by Pete Alexander | Winning at Business and Life Podcast

Love More and Give Without Expectations with Cory Warfield

by Billy Saleebey | Insight Out

From Dishwasher to Tech Success | Cory Warfield

by Hal Donaldson | Screw the Naysayers

Episode #1: Shedwool

by Bob Sager | Out-THINK the Competition

Givers Are The Greatest Getters - Cory Warfield

by John Gora | Onetalk Radio podcast

Rookie To Veteran: Ep 8 Cory Warfield

Rookie To Veteran



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