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ShedWool’s blog is written to fulfill our quest to ignite our careers & elevate shift workers everywhere. These blogs offer insight into our strategic POV & will change the way you think. Packed with crucial information, the blogs take both the shift worker’s & upper management’s views to discuss pain points & solutions. Get ready to redefine excellence & improve not just your scheduling, but your entire business.

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Three Ingredients in Turnover Culture

Three Ingredients in Turnover Culture

Shift work has long been known for its high turnover rates While industries need the work to be done, scheduling has not always kept up with the needs of the employees filling the shifts. The largest burden for shift workers is unpredictability; of the overall...

Getting Started with Smart Scheduling Software

Getting Started with Smart Scheduling Software

Why Smart Shift Scheduling Makes Sense Many large businesses (and some smaller businesses) view scheduling as daunting, another checklist item on their ever-growing list of things to do. They are right to an extent. But tackling employee scheduling does not have to be...


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