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At ShedWool we believe in building bridges, standing up for and alongside our fellow humans, and fostering change. We stand steadfastly against racism and inequality and want to be part of the change we know can and must happen. We stand in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color across our nation, and around the world, and will continue to support the eradication of racism and discrimination.

ShedWool is here to help the shift worker community. Our Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Cory Warfield, spent more than 20 years as both a shift worker and manager in the restaurant industry, which brings this challenging time close to his heart. That is why Cory and the ShedWool Team created a resource for all types of shift workers and their communities. Join the ShedWool Shift Worker Community now to find out more.

Help is Here – Join the Shift Worker Community

ShedWool’s community development effort brings community organizations together to assist those in need. While ShedWool calls the greater Chicago area home, and while locally based our focus is nationwide as the shift worker family and its needs have no state limits. Click here for resources and services in other major, metropolitan areas. And remember, we are expanding this page to reach as many locations as possible. If your area isn’t listed yet, look to your local United Way which offers a plethora of information and resources.

Food Banks

Food Banks all across the country are providing meal programs to those in need now more than ever before. We have organized the largest food banks by region, and if you do not live in a metro area, then the United Way and your local government offices can be of assistance.


Feeling the need to help others? We applaud you! Check out Volunteer Match for nationwide opportunities or click below for the Chicagoland area. If you have a charitable organization that is helping those affected by Covid-19, email us with details so we may share the information.

Donate Now

If you have the means to help the many shift workers and their families who are in need, please consider one of the charities below. Small amounts add up and make a difference; every dollar donated to Feeding America helps secure and distribute 10 meals to people facing hunger.

How You Can Get Support

Call 1-800-889-3931 Or Visit www.cdc.gov To Learn More


Have you lost your job? Are you concerned about your healthcare? You are far from alone, and help is within reach. Unemployment benefits may be available, make sure to take the time to apply. Wait times may be long but it’s worth it. If your health benefits have been affected, click below.

Job Boards

While the restaurant and manufacturing industries have been hardest hit with many people losing their jobs, other industries are simultaneously expanding their workforces. Currently, we have built a Chicago centric job board list and with your help and sharing of information can expand to provide more nationwide coverage.

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Our Story

The ShedWool leadership team brings decades of technology, sales, entrepreneurship, and management experience together resulting in the creation of the most comprehensive smart scheduling platform available for the shift workers industries.

What We Do

ShedWool Smart Scheduling surpasses the “traditional” methods of shift scheduling products currently available; the ones that have managers sitting at their desks for hours with an Excel Sheet or Google Doc, creating schedules that often, inadvertently lead to labor law fines, staff conflicts, and over or under-staffing. The ShedWool Smart Scheduling platform eliminates the potential of lost paper copies, allows managers to make work schedule changes quickly, efficiently grants employees the ability to pick up or shed shifts 24 hours a day, and offers media uploads for shift worker employees to view and respond to from anywhere.


Shifting Our Sights - ShedWool

Shifting Sights On Your Community

“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” ~ Mr. Rogers

We are passionate about highlighting people, businesses, and communities coming together to make a difference during these unprecedented times.


Anthony Rizzo keeps the donations to healthcare workers going during the COVID-19 pandemic

CHICAGO – One of the things that he’s been known for outside of Wrigley Field is his contributions to the health care industry.

Edgewater hosts Virtual Restaurant Week to help local restaurants during COVID-19 pandemic

CHICAGO (WLS) — Chicago Restaurant Week is typically a big deal in Chicago. Many neighborhoods around the city even host their own smaller versions.

Local farmers open virtual farmers market to fill gap left by restaurant orders during COVID-19

CHICAGO (WLS) — Adam Pollack is used to a strict schedule of seeding, harvesting and delivering microgreens to the top ranked restaurants in Chicago. But as restaurants have been forced to close their doors during the COVID-19 outbreak, adjacent industries have also been forced to adapt.

Chicago’s restaurant scene looks after its own

CHICAGO — The city’s vibrant restaurant scene has been ripped up by COVID-19.

Thousands of service industry employees are out of work as restaurants have their dining rooms shuttered.

Despite the tough times, people are still helping out their own.

Texas Roadhouse’s CEO gives up salary, bonus to pay front-line workers during coronavirus pandemic

AUSTIN, Texas – Texas Roadhouse’s CEO is giving up his salary and bonuses this year to help employees during the coronavirus pandemic.

Let’s Support One Another

Do you know of someone in your community who is inspiring others and making a difference? We want to know and shift sights on your community by telling their stories.

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