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Three Ingredients in Turnover Culture
Three Ingredients in Turnover Culture

Shift work has long been known for its high turnover rates

While industries need the work to be done, scheduling has not always kept up with the needs of the employees filling the shifts. The largest burden for shift workers is unpredictability; of the overall schedule, income, and getting the time off they desire. Inconsistent scheduling can be interpreted as unfair, driving productivity and team moral down quickly.

Another complaint often heard by shift work managers is lack of communication. With shifts ranging across the day, not everyone is guaranteed to get ‘the memo’ in a timely manner. Changes, updates, and important information should be able to reach every employee immediately to keep an unwavering front amongst all shifts in an organization.

A third hurdle to keep moral up and your turnover rate down is to show gratitude and recognition of jobs well done. When schedules are every changing without a digital trail to track the multitude of additions and subtractions, including shift changes, responsibility updates, or holidays worked, it is even harder to show gratitude to the employees who have stood up to accept the changes, taken on the extra responsibility, or worked the last two holidays without complaint.

Good managers know the best employees rarely complain. They hit their breaking point and leave. And all the while a frustrated employee lets their feelings fester, they are likely to talk to other employees and bring down the moral of others on the team, leading to another seed of displeasure to be planted. If you continue to do things the way they have always been done, you will continue to allow great employees to burn out and turnover.

Is your scheduling fair, trackable, and able to communicate to your entire team at once?

If not, it’s time to look at how a scheduling management system can help turn your turnover culture to a culture of invested employees.

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