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Created by a Shift Work Manager for Shift Workers Everywhere

ShedWool is here to help the shift worker community. During these unprecedented times we want to go further in serving those whose work serves others. In this endeavor we have created the ShedWool Shift Worker Community to provide information and resources for shift workers and those looking to help.

The ShedWool leadership team brings together decades of technology, sales, operations, and industry knowledge to deliver to you the most cost effective, comprehensive, and easy to use smart shift scheduling software on the market.

If ShedWool Smart Shift Scheduling Software can help you and your organization, please contact us to schedule a demo and free trial. Non-profit organizations, ShedWool is here to help you too.

Learn more about how ShedWool was formed and the wonderful team behind ShedWool Smart Shift Scheduling Software and how we are changing the world of shift work.


Shift Worker Community - ShedWool Cares

Shift Worker Community

ShedWool is here to help the shift worker community.

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Labor is expensive. Ensure you’re properly staffed for each shift.

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Our team has knowledge and experience in diverse business environments.

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Take advantage of this powerful and timely resource by joining the ShedWool Shift Worker Community now.

Times are tough but the lives we live together will return and we will all find ourselves busy once again. In the meantime, let’s come together as a community, explore what’s possible, and, plan for how we can once again return to what we do best, one shift at a time. If we can provide any help, whether it’s industry news & connections, resources, something you want to know more about, or to just chat in these trying times, simply reach out by joining our community now.

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