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Here at ShedWool, we work to provide resources and content which is valuable to the shift worker community; providing insights, tips, and fun content which is relatable and influential. Here you will find our latest blogs speaking to trending topics, shift worker pain points, and helpful tools or tips which can be utilized. Look to ‘In the News’ for the most recent news feeds and ‘ShedWool Latest Press’ to see what ShedWool and our founder have been up to. For more from our founder, Cory Warfield, look to our videos and podcasts to hear him speak on multiple influential topics.

Latest Blog Posts

Within our blogs, read and engage with trending topics which affect our shift worker community. Find helpful tips and insights which can be used and implemented easily to make a positive impact on you and the world around you.

Five Helpful Tips for Night Shift Workers

Five Helpful Tips for Night Shift Workers

As most of us are settling in for the night, night shift workers are clocking in for a long shift ahead. In many industries, the ‘graveyard’ and ‘third shift’ workers are a vital part to operations....

Three Ingredients in Turnover Culture

Three Ingredients in Turnover Culture

Shift work has long been known for its high turnover rates. While industries need the work to be done, scheduling has not always kept up with the needs of the employees filling the shifts. The...

Getting Started with Smart Scheduling Software

Getting Started with Smart Scheduling Software

Many large businesses (and some smaller businesses) view scheduling as daunting, another checklist item on their ever-growing list of things to do. They are right to an extent. But tackling employee...

In The News

Industry Articles

Find the most up-to-date headlines from across the U.S. regarding shift worker industries right here.

ShedWool Latest Press

Are you interested in ShedWool and our culture? Dive into press ShedWool and our executive team have contributed to or been referenced in.

Tech Tools For Workforce Management

Posted By Restaurant Hospitality

Here’s a look at the growing landscape of software companies offering tech-based tools for managing scheduling…

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8 People Who Possess The X-Factor of Success

Posted By Thrive Global

Passion is a unique quality. Some people say you either have it or you don’t. I disagree. While it can’t be faked, it can be fostered.

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Tune In to Our Latest Videos & Podcasts

From YouTube to our marketing team and podcasts with amazing hosts across the country, tune in here to learn more about ShedWool, our innovations, and our corporate culture of being helpful to others.

Cory Warfield - Shedwool

by Jeremy Leonard | Your New Network

Love More and Give Without Expectations with Cory Warfield

by Billy Saleebey | Insight Out

Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone set their own availability?
Absolutely, as long as the admin allows them to; these can be set for an entire day, or can be much more granular and be set for a specific time range.
How can I share company policies and documents?
We have built in a File sharing feature where you can share nearly any type of document you like, and can even share videos of team meetings!
I built a two week schedule, but now have to do it all over in two weeks...
Not at all! We have given you the ability to choose any date range, and then just copy that schedule over to a future range, so once you have a built schedule, it now becomes just a few clicks to maintain it!
Can people communicate through the app?
Yes, they sure can! We have made sure that our solution allows for communication between individuals, whether employees or management; anyone can start a conversation and reply to one. Furthermore we have group chat available if a manager wants to send a message to their entire team, for example!
Can I use the web app and the mobile app to see my schedule and utilize the other features?
Absolutely; we made sure that you can use whatever method and device you prefer!
Are people locked down to one location?
No, they can be assigned to multiple locations so that they can be easily scheduled for where they are needed.
Can a person have more than one position?
Yes! We know that in many companies people often fulfill several positions, so we allow you to assign multiple positions to one person.
Is there a cost for the mobile app?

Absolutely not, and there never will be!

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