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What ShedWool 2.0 Means For Shift Workers and Founder, Cory Warfield
Getting Started with Smart Scheduling Software

A re-designed shift worker app, coming to you soon.

A common saying in the entrepreneurial community is “entrepreneurs are the only people crazy enough to work 100 hours a week, so they don’t have to work 40!” Although there is some truth to this (I did work 100 hours a week for the first several years at Shedwool!), the fact is, had I been in an industry where a predictable 40-hour work week had been standard rather than working 12-hour shifts, night shifts, split shifts, double shifts, and the dreaded ‘clopening’ shift, I would have never founded ShedWool.

Instead, as a career server working “full-time” at two restaurants simultaneously, I worked shifts somewhere between 20 and 90 hours weekly – at least half of those shifts as “on-call,” meaning I didn’t know if I worked until the day before or day of. Imagine all the confusion, frustration, deviance, and sleep deprived nights that created!

It was the epiphany that data wasn’t being looked at and leveraged to inform staffing decisions in restaurants which drove me to “go all-in” on my own scheduling platform, a shift worker app – Shedwool – and it’s been a journey of extreme ups and downs. At the time of writing this, we are prepping for the biggest “high” yet.

I used my shift worker resources and insight to create our first version, which launched about two years ago, as a Minimum Viable Product and was fortunate to get users, pilots, and feedback from national prospects. I was never able to close an account at the national scale with our original product, as every entity had functions and capabilities they needed which were, at that time, beyond my scope. I listened, noted, and found ways to completely rebuild Shedwool as a 2.0 product – one that addresses all of our prospects’ needs.

The day is finally upon us! As we test and solicit feedback, I can say that ShedWool 2.0 is exactly everything I’d ever hoped for – and, more importantly, what our pipeline both wants and needs!

I’ve said Shedwool is the easiest to use, most customizable and affordable scheduling platform in the world for some time – but it’s about to be the smartest and most intuitive as well. A waiters’ dream come true, this shift work schedule app can now help shift workers in medicine, retail, manufacturing, security, hospitality, and – of course! – restaurants live a more forecast-able life while keeping their ownership happy, profitable, and compliant with labor laws.

With tenacity and vision – anything is possible!

Cory Warfield, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, ShedWool

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